Sultry songstress Sevana is known for her reggae releases and lovers rock lyrics, but the fast rising act has ventured out of her comfort zone with her latest release Nobody Man.


The In.Digg.Nation managed singer shared that releasing the single has been the greatest highlight of her year. Sevana said she felt the need to show her versatility as an artiste.


“It was something that I've always wanted to do, I love dancehall and I Iove to dance, so I wanted to incorporate both in a song and video,” she explained.


Sevana says the song has been getting rave reviews.

“People are responding positively to it, and not taking it like ‘oh she’s trying to do something else’, but just understanding that it is an extension of myself,” Sevana said.


The official video for Nobody Man which was directed by Wade Rhodenand has racked up over 130,000 views since its July 19, 2019 release on YouTube. The visual centres around Sevana in vivid colour backdrops, coupled with, fun choreography supported by two female dancers.


Sevana shares that she has no difficulty remaining authentic in the aggressive music industry.


“I’ve never been able to act like somebody else, I’ve always been weird and awkward and whatever it is that I come across as to others, and people respond positively  to it. This encourages me to keep being myself,” she emphasised.


The Sometime Love singer says it is important for female artistes to stick together and promote unity amongst each other in the field.


“There is strength in unity, and people keep saying that for a meaningful reason, it is not just a cliche,” Sevana said.


Fans can expect new music from the young star, and she shares that two new singles are also in the pipeline.


“One will be on a juggling riddim, with all of the up and coming female Jamaicans in music and I’m really excited about that and I’m touring; so just more work, more collaborations, more positive big energies,” she said.