Prolific lyricist and Dancehall recording artiste Shane-O made a massive come back in 2017 after a few years of dormancy, and believes that working to master his craft is what gave him a second opportunity at fame and success.

Even with his song Partner Draw, currently at one million views on YouTube, the artiste notes his road back to stardom was not easy. “Really and truly I have always been working but that is just the way the thing set. It is not an easy game. I remember when I was always doing freestyles and would upload them to Facebook and receive 2000 views and say this doesn’t look good.

So I just had to continue the work. Nuff disrespect mi get. Nuff dance mi go and nuh get nuh play and mi just hold it and work hard and believe in myself.”

The A Mill Fi Share singer says the journey consists of hard work and believing in his or her own capabilities. He encourages others to adopt those traits.

“You have to believe in yourself and fight because plenty people aguh discourage you and say you are a waste man, you are no one, you cannot come back. I got a lot of that.”

He tella upcoming acts to be focused and consistent as he used the negative words to harness his strength. “Those things make me stronger. One time I use to say it was a fight I was getting, but it is not,  just try keep yourself relevant and keep putting out songs. No one is fighting you out. Put out your art and promote it and deal with it the right way. Nobody cyaan stop you."

He recalls stepping into maturity and realising what was needed for his success and having applied it he notes he is back to winning ways. “That’s how I use to pree it and say some people a fight me. But nobody nah fight you. Just work. Since I get back the breakthrough, plenty other artiste buss and we still a get our big views same way and doing our shows same way. People cannot stop anyone from a breakthrough. You have to believe in yourself.”