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Five Star General secures their spot in the Magnum All-Star Sound Clash finals2023-05-02

St. Thomas-based sound, Five Star General wins semi-final one in the Magnum All-Star Sound Clash over Unruly Stumpy. The fiery clash saw busloads of supporters turning up at 153 Olympic Way to cheer on their sound.


Round one was dubbed the “juggling segment” which left fans and the judges feeling “bored” and “disappointed”. The judges explained that both demonstrated “weak” performances in round one and they expected more competitiveness at the semi-final level which resulted in the round ending in a draw.


Patrons were upset with the judges’ decision, but knew it was up to the sound groups to redeem themselves in the following segments. Five Star General then took the feedback and came back strong, winning round two. Unruly Stumpy came back with a punch, dominating rounds three and four and restoring the upbeat vibe to the venue. However, two grave mistakes cost them the clash when the MC introduced a Beres Hammond song and the DJ played a Barrington Levy Track instead. In the bonus round, Unruly Stumpy also replayed a dub that was played previously in round two which goes against the rules, costing them the clash.


In the end, Five Star General won the competition, and will advance to the finals on May 20, 2023. The team is currently in high spirits following their win.

“Right now it's just a joy, joy, joy, come straight back down to St. Thomas. One of the times me a seh this look sticky and how we ago pull through this now. We just seh a word a prayer and God answer we prayer and we pull through- it was a great clash- but it was very close,” he said.


As the weeks wind down, the clash inches closer to the finals, Five Star General says now more than ever there is no room for “errors”.

“We are asking our fans to just keep on supporting [us] in the finals you will get the real deal. We ago fix all errors in the finals. Big up the entire Fire Star team inna England to St.Thomas and the whole world weh seh Five Star General”.


Semi-final two will be held on Friday, May 5, 2023, between Rispec Jam, and Echo 1 sound to see who will land the second spot in the finals.


At the end of the competition, the winning Sound System will walk away with a cash prize of $1,000,000, a trophy, the best sound system title, and bragging rights.