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Mackerel makes play for Intence2019-12-30

Internet sensation turned recording artiste Ladisha  Mackerel Francis has her eyes set on Tashawn Gabbidon also known as Intence. 

The 18-year-old, shared her desire with Spice during the season finale of the Spice It Up talk show. With Intence's girlfriend Dancing Rebel on the couch, and DJ Hotta Rice at the turntables, Spice guided the conversation on the topic 'Social Media versus Real Life.

At Spice’s prodding, Mackerel responded that she would like to slide  into thDMs of couchmate Intence and young artiste Eye Wata. 

Her coy response and accompanying caress of the deejay who sat beside his girlfriend had fans on social media buzzing in anticipation of the full episode being released on

The internet sensation made good on her declaration after the taping. In a post on her Instagram on Monday December 9, Mackerel is seen gyrating on the High Life singer at an event.

There has been mixed reviews to the post:  @Noveee_ remarked  “woiii haha haha lol ppl man sweet yuh eeh girl. While @king_of_the_deadd_ said  Rebel ago beat you ”. @Sweet-like-suga who anticipates some fall out said Deh tea yah Hot!!!! N the Kitchen well Steamy mi gone.

Back to the Spice It Up set, the internet star recognises the power of social media. “It’s a big thing for me. It is my livelihood and it plays a big part in my life.” 

The A So Mi singer shot to fame in early 2019 when viral videos of her declaring “Mi tek people man cause people man nice and comfortable” made the rounds. Mackerel fielded instant judgement and swift rebuke from many.

Despite the inherent backlash on the digital platform Ladisha Francis says, “I use the negativity to motivate me.”

Popular DJ, Harold Morgan, who performs as Hotta Rice says “Social media is a big thing. It is the biggest promotional platform for deejays and stars, so we have to work with it.”

Fast-rising deejay Intence, acknowledges the power to build and break a brand on the digital platform. He says he is unbothered by negative feedback online. “The negativity on social media don’t affect me. Everyone will not be on your side, so I don’t medz that.”

Dancing Rebel, a member of Team Spice, admits she has grown emotionally and now ignores online trolls. “Sometimes the negativity clawt you right through. You feel like I may want to get breast implants because they always say I have no breasts. I am happy that I can overcome those things as I grow stronger.”