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Magnum celebrates The Big 20 with 400K cash prizes in Port Antonio2019-11-19

Kingston, JAMAICA; Magnum Tonic Wine created an epic street dance which ignited Port Antonio with the MagnumBig20 Town Square Party series on Friday, November 17, 2019, gifting 20 lucky consumers a share of $400,000 in cash prizes to celebrate 20 years in Jamaica.


With early music and vibes from German national selector Mike from Sound Valley Movement, a Portland favourite. Mike expressed much gratitude to the brand: “For the last eight years, Jamaican music has been my bread, butter and my passion. I feel on a high to have kicked off the vibes for the celebration and Magnum is a big brand that really promotes Dancehall so I’m grateful to have added my toasting to them for a  milestone celebration.”


The fun took an upward trajectory as Trippple X took the stage with cash and product giveaways to a square at capacity.   Portland’s own DJ Bigga 5 kept the vibes at a high along with DJ News. Magnum Vixens took to the stage and under the comically entertaining guidance of Trippple X, Portland locals and tourists participated in exercises and even dance lessons, while winning cash prizes throughout the night.


The energy in the streets of Port Antonio reached a peak when  Magnum Ambassador Ding Dong and Ravers Clavers took to the stage and took the willing audience through  their dancing paces.   Ding Dong lifted the energy of the show with hits including Gyalis Story, Snappin, Gas, Cha Cha Bwoy and many more. Port Antonio erupted when he took the energy offstage with fans dancing and singing along. 


Magnum Tonic Wine Marketing Manager, Telecia Lindo-Johnson,  shared her excitement about The Big 20 promotions: “As Magnum celebrates 20 years, we are giving back to the people who support us and Dancehall is at our core. This is what Magnum is about: the Dancehall culture, which you see in every town, in every parish. We were happy to do the first Magnum Big 20 square party in Port Antonio; it turned out perfectly, and it only gets better from here. More giveaways, more vibes and more artistes at the next Magnum Big 20 Party.”


The Magnum Big 20 Square Parties rolls into St. Elizabeth Friday November 29 at Independence Park with $400,000 to giveaways and an amazing entertainment package. Magnum Tonic Wine celebrates 20 years.