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Magnum launches Top Performa contest for emerging artists2021-09-03

Kingston, Jamaica- 3 September 2021- In a quest to deliver consistent entertainment for dancehall patrons and fans, Magnum goes large with its latest entertainment project, the Magnum Top Performa. Top Performa is a lyrical cypher contest that is set to give 12 emerging artistes a platform to showcase their talents. The Top Performas will receive a share of JMD $2 million dollars, and a bonus for the first-place winner; a song and music video produced by Romeich Entertainment.

Entries open today, September 3. Interested candidates should visit to download the entry riddim under the ‘Top Performa’ category and record a song, no shorter than 30 seconds. Participants should upload their submission by going to the portal at Here, they will be required to fill out an entry form with their contact details and click “Upload Song”.

Entries close on September 22, after which selected candidates will be contacted by a Magnum representative.

Top Performa is a pre-recorded show which will be hosted by popular dancehall personality Bishop Escobar, and aired exclusively on Performances will air every Saturday over nine (9) weeks, where artistes will face off against each other, freestyling to “16 bars” on rhythms played by a host DJ.

The show features the following:

      Three rounds, first the preliminaries with 12 contestants

      Seven aired performances

      The semi-finals with four finalists

      The finals with two finalists where the ‘Top Performa’ will be crowned

Popular entertainment mogul, Romeich, says he looks forward to working with the winner.

“I’m happy to be a part of the Magnum Top Performa project. The industry needs more platforms like this because we have so many talented youths in Jamaica and all they need is the right platform to advance. Big up Magnum once again for offering their platform and I look forward to working with the winner once crowned,” he explained.

Magnum is regionally recognized as the drink of dancehall and has honed its place in the industry by uplifting dancehall culture, providing local and regional entertainment and offering their platform for members of the industry to make strides in their careers.

Regional Marketing Manager, Kamal Powell, says Top Performa will be no different.

“We are always excited whenever we have a new project, Top Performa will definitely be successful, similar to our other projects. Magnum is happy to be a part of the driving force that constantly propels entertainers to make strides in the industry. I also want to take the opportunity to extend my thanks to Romeich and his team, for seeing the vision and being a part of this initiative,” he said.

The breakdown of the prizes include:

      1st Place- $1,000,000 and a music video produced by Romeich Entertainment.

      2nd Place- $300,000 and a feature on a compilation rhythm from Romeich Entertainment

      Semi-Final Runners Up- $100,000 each

Fans are encouraged to go to and cast their votes to secure their favourite ‘Top Performa’s’ place in the competition.

Powell added that the Magnum team is looking for style, flair, creativity, and good energy and invites all interested candidates to Tek Charge Ah Tings by signing up to be the next ‘Top Performa’.