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Kingston, Jamaica- October 15,2021- Magnum’s Top Performa competition kicked off last evening with the first four contestants delivering show- stopping performances on Producer 1st Klase Ravers’ “Ok” rhythm.

Top Performa is a lyrical faceoff style competition spearheaded by Magnum and endorsed by Romeich Major. The competition aims to give 16 emerging artistes a platform to showcase their lyrical talents.

Performing in round one was Ty Talented, Tatik, G Vybz and Deana-Can.

In the next few weeks, each round will feature the following:

·      Round 2: Shaye Calibra, Formula, King Calie and Panasoniq (airs October 21,2021)

·      Round 3: Kurry Stain, Kyash D, Prince Saj and D’Molly (airs October 28,2021)

·      Round 4: Jase, Romeii, Brawlin and Kris Kapital (airs November 4,2021)

The 16 finalists will compete in four preliminary rounds, where one contestant will emerge the winner of each round. At the end of the preliminaries, four contestants will advance to the semi-finals where they will compete to become the next Top Performa.

Voting begins every Thursday at 6:00pm on the brand’s website, and closes the following Tuesday at 11:59pm.

The winner of each round will be announced a day later on Magnum Tonic Wine’s Instagram @magnumtonicwine.

The voting period per round is as follows:

·      Round 1: Oct. 14- Oct. 19

·      Round 2: Oct. 21- Oct. 26

·      Round 3: Oct. 28- Nov. 2

·      Round 4: Nov. 4- Nov. 9

Viewers are also invited to play the exciting prediction game on the website for a chance to win $50,000 cash and other prizes. Participants should simply complete the prediction board by “predicting” the winners of each round, from the preliminaries all the way to the finals.

Romeich, who could not contain his excitement stated that things have started on the right path. “The talent is there, the passion is there, and the entertainment value is definitely there. It’s just for the public to give these trying yutes their attention by tuning in every Thursday and voting for their winner. No matter what happens all finalists win lose or draw are winners… it’s a good look,” said Major.

At the end of the competition, the winner will walk away with $1,000,000 and a music video and song produced by Romeich. The second-place winner will receive $300,000 and a feature on a compilation riddim from Romeich, while the semi-final runners-up will receive $100,000 each.