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Magnum Top Performa winner and runner-up release new music and video with Romeich2022-03-30

Kingston, Jamaica – March 30, 2022 – Magnum Top Performa winner and runner-up King Calie and Prince Saj, have both released their highly anticipated debut singles ‘Dweet’ and ‘Column’ – produced by Romeich Entertainment.

An ecstatic King Calie says that he is proud of the work he put in to drop his first single ‘Dweet’.

“Mi feel good ‘bout it. I think we were able to strike a chord weh everybody can run wid. Jamaica is the land of hustlers and it’s one of those hustler anthems. Mi feel like from the baby to the grandmother ago can hold it and can walk and ride and drive with it. I hope everybody who was waiting for it proud of it, and I hope it’s something weh dem can rock to. Because it’s not an easy crowd to please,” he expressed.

King Calie recounts his experience working with Romeich.

“Working with Romeich was a good experience. It’s a very upbeat and a go-getting team so the energies matched, and it was just synergy right across the board,” he said.

A thankful Prince Saj who also made an appearance in King Calie’s video, shared that he is also feeling good about his single ‘Column’.

“It’s a great song that I know will impact the lives of many in a good way. The meaning of gospel is the good news, and my new song is definitely bringing that good news to everyone. Also, nice song from King Calie,” he said.

According to Magical, who directed the ‘Dweet’ music video, the songs have all the elements that would make them successful.

“The song Dweet is a good song because of the message. I think people will love it. It’s catchy, the artiste is on beat and the rhythm is sick. Overall it’s a good song,” he explained.

Romeich, who worked with both men from the beginning of the Magnum Top Performa competition expressed how proud he was of the growth he has seen and claimed the entire process was a good one that he is happy to share now that everything is completed and released.

“I’m happy that both songs and the winner’s music video are finally completed. I mean they are both really talented artistes and I am glad I was able to use my resources to support them in this way. Now that the songs are out, I want everyone to run over to and run up the views and listen to the songs. They are good songs and they’ll do well,” he said.

The Top Performa competition is a lyrical face off style competition hosted by Magnum Tonic Wine, where the winner, King Calie walked away with $1,000,000, a music video and song produced by Romeich; while, the second-place winner, Prince Saj received $300,000 and a feature on a compilation rhythm from Romeich. The artistes are delighted that they are  reaping the fruits of their labour from the competition.

‘Dweet’ and ‘Thousand Column’ are both available on, YouTube and all other streaming platforms.