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Magnum unveils La Lee as their new brand ambassador at the Magnum All-Star Sound Clash2023-04-24

Regional dancehall brand Magnum Tonic Wine has unveiled La Lee as its newest brand ambassador at the Magnum All-Star Sound Clash event held at 153 Olympic Way last Friday.


The All-Star HQ was a buzz with its usual excitement for the clash and the announcement was well received by patrons.


La Lee now joins Spice and Ding Dong as the brand’s macro ambassadors. Regional Marketing Manager for Magnum, Kamal Powell, was on hand to give an official welcome.


“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we made a grand announcement - La Lee on behalf of the Campari Group and Magnum Tonic Wine, welcome to the family and on behalf of the ambassadors Ding Dong and Spice, welcome to the family. I’m looking forward to a healthy relationship and a partnership that will continue to grow from strength to strength. Welcome and we’re looking forward to greater and bigger things,” he said.


The “Floating” artiste shared an emotional message about living life in the garrison before a short performance for his fans.


“Dem seh wah fi you a fi you- a one song mi start off wid and big up friends for real anywhere me guh, big up Towerhill and mi mother deh inna har bed but she must proud me a Magnum newest ambassador. I grew up in the garrison as a baller for Arnette and one a mi fren dem video mi and it guh viral- big up mi fren weh video mi thank God. But sometimes because of the music weh mi duh people feel like seh a just La Lee dat but mi wah big up everybody weh support La Lee and mi wah mek dem know seh dancehall need people like me fi mek people dance and feel happy,” he shared.


He performed some of his known hits such as “Tip Inna It”, “Bird”, “Instruction”, “Dirt” and others before exiting the stage.


Meanwhile, after his spicy performance, the clash resumed entering the third round seeing Echo 1 making a stellar comeback which resulted in them winning the clash against Road Kode who were leading 2-0. Echo 1 took the final three rounds of the five-round clash stealing the predetermined victory from their opponents.


The outfit changes were definitely something to talk about, DJ Sasky from Roade Kode Sound changed three times. First, he hit the stage in police uniform, then an army camouflage ‘ghillie’ suit and finally tourist attire. While MC Fire Wayne from the Echo 1 Sound did two outfit changes between a Pastor outfit and “yardie” attire. The crowd was deeply entertained, and the clash was ranked as “the best clash” since the competition has started given the interesting twists and turns throughout the rounds. Echo 1 is excited about their win and is ready for the next round.


“We are feeling ecstatic- we had a close one due to a little lack of preparation I would say but we came out victorious and we are really grateful that we ended up winning- and big up to all our fans. Going forward all of our mistakes will be corrected and dealt with properly- it's back to the drawing board to correct what we did wrong so then it's full force next match,” he explained.


Echo 1 now joins Rispec Jam, Unruly Stumpy and Five Star General in the semi-finals.


At the end of the competition, the winning Sound System will walk away with a cash prize of $1,000,000, a trophy, the best sound system title, and bragging rights.