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Spice it Up 4th Episode Plastic Friends Now available on Magnumhub.tv2019-12-05

Despite a successful career and a jet setting existence for Grace Hamilton, otherwise called Spice, hurt and betrayal from former members of her inner circle still haunt her.

Spice disclosed on Plastic Friends, the fourth episode of her Spice It Up! talk show, that she was so deeply hurt by acts of disloyalty that she now sports a tattoo of a dagger in her back.  However, the powerful and resilient Magnum Ambassador acknowledges that she is ready to remove the tattoo in hopes for a different outcome in her friendships.

“I have a tattoo in my back and it is a tattoo of a dagger. I put that tattoo because of the amount of people who stabbed me in my back. Each friend that I assist. It does not matter how I take them up or matter what I have done they just come out to be this ungrateful person,” disclosed Spice.

Gabrielle Davis, Love & Hip Hop Miami star, is all too familiar with public embarrassment because of a betrayal from a close friend. The 27-year-old model suffered attacks online when it was revealed that she dated a rapper who was in another relationship unknown to her. The friend at the time published private messages that proved the rapper was trying to pursue a relationship with Gabrielle after his engagement causing further embarrassment and vicious attacks. 

“That book is closed.  It did affect me; and that person and I are no longer friends,” stated Davis.

The Plastic Friends discussion turned introspective as the ladies relayed their approach in moving on from such challenges.

Recording artiste Shauna Controlla says despite the betrayals she has experienced she remains positive: “Some persons do not like to see growth and if they cannot be on the same level as you …they will hate you for that because they cannot do what you are doing. Everything you go through with people and the experiences make you stronger. It does not mean that you should be bitter.”

Eveanna Henry, who rocks the stage as Pamputtae, is still reeling from duplicities and treachery from close associates and has adopted a very small circle of friends.  She has strongly declared that second chances are no longer forth coming from her: “Everything that reach me in life I learn from it. As artistes I believe we encounter the most fake friends. Many persons come around and cry on your shoulders for help and then the only time you are told you are wicked is when they usually benefit from you and then a time comes when they do not get what they want. Sometimes people make you get bitter and I was never that kind of person. When I have problems I put them at God foot and I leave them.”

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