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Spice Puts Marlon Samuels on Blast on Spice it Up!2019-11-14

Dancehall’s Queen of Stage does Talk Show for

The newly minted Magnum Ambassador Spice steps into a new role with her new talk Show called Spice it up.  The first episode features Donisha of Loud Fashions and Marlon Samuels aka the Icon along with Richie Feelings discussing a range of issues that affect a romantic relationship.

In the first episode, What if the Tables Turned, Spice posed the question Do you embrace Bun fi Bun? Donisha indicated that she was the receiver of unfaithfulness from her partner and did not reciprocate however she now endorses the concept of repaying a cheating partner with unfaithfulness.

Marlon Samuels laid out a simple response “I keep my thing simple, so I usually have more than two and three girls. When me a gi Bun mi cannot keep up so I don’t know when I’m getting bun…. It’s hard to focus on one woman in times like these when it is 40 women to one man.

Spice responded: That means a man like you deserve the tables to turn and flip. She pressed him, Is it ok for those two women to have other men? His response ”It depends because there are categories, there is the wife and then are the other two.”

Marlon clarified that all parties are aware of the status of the relationships and consent because it opens up the relationships to truth as lying can be quite a challenge in those circumstances.

The Cool It singer asked Marlon: “You don’t sound like you love?”

Does Marlon Love? Watch Spice get hot and bothered in this heated conversation. Spice it Up which is powered by Magnum airs on on Wednesday November 13.