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Spice Tek Charge with Sex, Toys and Tapes2019-11-27

Queen of Dancehall Stage, and Magnum Ambassador, Spice, went all up in the tea with DJ Boom Boom,  Amelia “Milk” Sewell, Christopher “Mr Lexx” Palmer and Shelly Ann “Dr. Sexy Ann” Weeks in this week’s episode of Spice It Up!  On the topic of Sex, Toys and Tapes, Spice and her guests get real about good sex, sex toys and taping sexual encounters. 

Spice kicked off the intense chat by asking Mr. Lexx what he considers good sex. Mr. Lexx was very candid: “Good sex depends on how excited you are about your partner, the way you touch each other, the sounds you make, the things you say, during sex the whole motion.” he explained.

The Suh Mi Like it singer was eager to hear from Milk about her own likes. Milk admits to loving a bit of spice in her bedroom: “I make lot of noise and it enhances the experience when you are giving instructions. Telling the person how much you like it. I think that puts a lot of excitement on the experience.”

With nothing being off limits for her chat, and especially with Sexologist Shelly Ann Weeks on set, Spice enquired about appropriate spaces for couple to enjoy each other. “What is the weirdest place you have ever had sex? I will take the car trunk, underneath the bed or up in the tree.”

Shelly Ann “Dr. Sexy Ann” Weeks advised: “Take sex out of the bed!.” The sexologist strongly advocates the exploration of new spaces as a means of enhancing the sexual experience.

DJ Boom Boom, shocked by the conversation added:” Mi come from a Christian home. Me grow different. Dem ting yah now is like a school mi deh.’”

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