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Unruly Stumpy wins first knockout round in Magnum All-Star Sound Clash2023-04-05

Kingston, Jamaica, April 4, 2023 - Unruly Stumpy were victorious in the first Knock Out round of the Magnum All-Star Sound Clash on Friday. The St. Thomas and New York based sound group competed against popular St. Elizabeth sound, Ruff Kut at the All-Star Headquarters on 153 Olympic Way. Unfortunately, Ruff Kut’s popularity was no match for Unruly Stumpy’s clash tactic as they won all five rounds of the clash.


“We feel a hundred per cent confident in the clash because think about it in this type of clash you have to be prepared and just think outside of the box,” said Stumpy who is the owner of the Unruly Stumpy Sound group.


Ruff Kut and Unruly Stumpy had their first preliminary clash together on March 10, 2023, where Ruff Kut came out victorious, however, Unruly Stumpy took the feedback from the judges and executed a stellar battle.


“We hurt ourselves in the preliminary clash because the selector was late, and we played back a song- that’s the reason we lost the clash. At the knockout round now, we went back to the drawing board and fix what we had to fix and know that it wasn’t a little foil this time we brought our A game,” he said.


Unknowing to the public, Unruly Stumpy revealed that in the sound community, there is an ongoing musical feud between the group and the Ruff Kut sound.


“We have a history with Ruff Kut- we and Ruff Kut have a rivalry going on. A lot of persons didn’t know but this is the third time we have clashed- We are the only sound that has ever gone to St. Elizabeth and beat them in their hometown,” he remarked.


Ruff Kut headed a strong start to the clash in round one and almost won the round, but found themselves in breach when their MC uttered a prohibited word, resulting in the round automatically going to Unruly Stumpy. However, the judge’s votes were unanimous for the last four rounds giving Unruly Stumpy the win for their preparation, delivery, and execution.


This Friday, April 7, 2023, the clash will continue with Five Star who will complete against the Twin Star Sound to see who will come out on top.


At the end of the competition, the winning Sound System will walk away with a cash prize of $1,000,000, a trophy, the best sound system title and bragging rights.