Jeffrey Campbell, the lyrical assassin better known as Agent Sasco, is one of reggae and dancehall’s greatest lyricist. The reggae/dancehall artiste has always been on top of his game with conscious lyrics, delivered with an ease of flow. 

Agent Sasco’s latest hit songs such as Winning Right Now, Be Careful, and Banks Of The Hope are proof that he knows how to make the records turn.

Agent Sasco recently announced that new music is in the pipeline in an Instagram post. The artiste sharing a photo of himself and wrote: “Got a new project working on… In other words… The Agent is on a mission. #GiveThanks #ListenOut.”

One fan (@jabeauty_classic), who was seemingly overjoyed by Agent Sasco’s announcement commented: “ The completion of ur (sic) mission will be epic”.

While Agent Sasco is well known for being a hitmaker, there is much more to him than his music. 


Agent Sasco was recently applauded for stepping up and addressing the water issue in his home town of Kintyre, St. Andrew. The deejay along with representatives of Wisynco paid a visit to Hope Valley Experimental School, where he is a past student, to distribute bottled water to the institution and the nearby community that has been experiencing a shortage of the necessary commodity. 

Agent Sasco was named as 'We Transform' ambassador where he mentors children in juvenile correctional facilities.  Earlier in September, he made a donation of $50,000 towards the education of two juveniles in state care. The donation was made to the top boy and top girl at the recent ‘We Transform’ Sports and Fun Day, held at the Rio Cobre Juvenile Correctional Centre in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

The entertainer's humanitarian efforts have even led him to work with The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information guiding young people through informative sessions. 

Husband and Father

The Winning Right Now artiste won when he married wife Nicole McLaren-Campbell in 2011 and is making love look good. 

The couple has two children -- Joshua and Lauren -- joined big sister Allyana to create a family of five. The Agent Sasco and Nicole have become somewhat of a social media sensation; serving up a lot of couple goals. They will be celebrating their ninth wedding anniversary in January 2020.