Spiritually conscious reggae singer, Chuck Fenda, is still red hot in his contribution to mainstream music. Chuck Fenda, who was born Leshorn Whitehead in Brooklyn, New York recently concluded his European tour and is now focused on the release of his new single "Gideon Hot."

The artiste reiterates his spiritual acceptance in the new song, produced by Eco One Production. The single has however attracted controversy with entertainment insiders suggesting the song is in response to I-Octane's song, “Weh Di Fire Gone.” Octane's release, which was released last year, alluded to a lack of people being vocal a out social ills in society.


I-Octane’s lyrics: 


"Nah see no more fire bun bout yah/ Das why a pure blood a run bout yah/ Nah see the yutes dem wid no Marcus Garvey book inna dem hand/ But dem finger full a gun powder.

Lyrics in “Gideon Hot,'' says “Them says weh di fire gone/ tell them say me ever hot”.


In response to those speculations of his song being a counteraction, the ‘Poor People Defenda' admitted that while he did not agree with some of the lyrics of I-Octane’s song, his song, “Gideon Hot” was not done as a counteraction but rather from inspiration.


Chuck Fenda says he is working on the release of the music video for his newest single and hopes the song will have a positive impact on society.


Through his music and lyrical content, he has been dubbed within the entertainment industry as the ‘Poor People Defenda' and has maintained that he remains focused on creating heartfelt lyrics about the plight of the poor and current affairs.