Popular dancehall collective, The 6ix, continues to show strength in numbers with the emergence of another hit-making artiste, Daddy1. Daddy1 whose given name is Adrian Bailey, is the youngest member of the alliance and has already released more than five tracks since 2019; all of which have erupted on the local music scene.

The newcomer’s latest single Custom is attracting major media buzz, with a notable feature as the number one song on the Entertainment Report (ER) Top 10 countdown which was aired on Television Jamaica (TVJ) on August 23, 2019. According to YouTube and other online streaming Platforms, Custom is one of the most streamed videos online in Jamaica. Since its release, the video has already received over 660,000 YouTube views. The song’s catchy lyrics - “Custom… yo nuh seet dem a jus come, the 6ix dem full a bay custom… Man loyal 6ix bredda wi nuh just come”- can be heard blasting from car speakers in taxis and from corner hotspots.

Other catchy lyrics “And if yuh nah seh 6ix, no gyal don’t want yuh...” and “… Pssst, Brownin’ yuh nuh hear mi deh call yuh”from his song ‘Anthem’ are making the rounds on social media as popular slangs. Daddy1 has also been featured as the subject of comedy sketches. Most recently he was parodied by YouTube comedian Nitro Immortal, whose video is currently number three on trending.

Daddy1 who is from Salt Spring, St. James, credits his mother Shelly for giving him his stage name. However, his musical journey started in 2016 after being introduced to the genre by the ‘6ix Boss’ Squash. With his surge in popularity, he joins Chronix Law as another crew member on the rise.