Bounty Killer and Beenie Man had the longest-lasting rivalry in dancehall history, however, the clash culture has been on the decline. During its heyday, dancehall clashes were traditionally the tools used to stamp dominance on the local music scene. There have been many memorable and exciting lyrical clashes in Jamaica. Here are five such clashes that rocked dancehall lovers in Jamaica.


Super Cat and Ninja Man 

Ninja Man entered the clash as the underdog as Super Cat was well seasoned in winning clashes. However, Ninjaman showed his mettle when he brutally defeated Super Cat in the lyrical battle at Sting in 1991.


Beenie Man vs Bounty Killa

The 1993 clash between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer was the first of many clashes between the two dancehall artistes. The two had a long rivalry that engaged fans and provided some of the best musical material in that era. The counteractions were at lightning speed and the party was lit. Fans enjoyed the lyrical jousting of these two amazing talents.


Merciless vs Ninja Man, Beenie Man & Bounty Killer

One of the most talked-about clashes was in 2000, when Merciless defeated Ninja Man, and then proceeded to take out Bounty Killer andBeenie Man immediately after. Merciless’ victory against Ninja Man at Sting 2000 is what you called a 100% win as no one left the venue with any doubts as to who won the lyrical battle.


Vybz Kartel Vs Mavado

This highly anticipated clash to date has been shrouded with ambiguity as there was no decisive winner to many music industry insiders and the wider public. The first half of the clash definitely went to Vybz Kartel as Mavado was the first to get booed. After several minutes, Mavado was able to hold his own and the boos started to go both ways.  Movado left the stage after delivering his last song and refused to return to the stage. In response, Vybz Kartel released the now cult classic Last Man Standing to ridicule this act.


Lady Saw Vs Macka Diamond

Onstage clashes between female artiste are not popular, but Lady Saw and Macka Diamond took their then Twitter beef to the stage in a lyrical battle. The two faced off at Sting 2013 where Queen Lady Saw gave Macka Diamond an undisputed beating


There have been so many great dancehall battles, that we have added 4 bonuses:


Sizzla and Ninja Man

Sizzla and Ninja Man just cannot run out of lyrics! Thus making the 2006 clash between the two nothing short of being epic. This battle was one of the most entertaining in history, had the crowd fired up from start to the finish.


Kiprich vs Merciless 

Merciless has had a long history of winning lyrical wars on stage from as far back as the 1990sm but Kiprich showed that he was a lyrical monster after he took on Merciless and defeated him in the 2000s. 


Shabba Ranks vs Ninja Man

As probably one of the few clashes that took place between two friends rather than rivals. However, when the clash was in full force and friendship aside, Ninja Man decimated Shabba Ranks to win the lyrical battle.


Cobra Vs Ninja Man

Ninja Man is famous for using lyrical gimmicks to get the best of his opponent on stage. However, in his clash against Cobra at Sting in 1995, Ninja Man got a lyrical beating that took him by surprise.