Masicka and Dexta Dap’s new hit single called ‘Leader’ will make you believe that nothing is impossible.  The official music video for the single is currently trending as number one on YouTube with over 500,000 views.


The artiste for the streets, Masicka, teaming up with the ladies man, Dexta Daps, is an unexpected but welcomed collaboration produced by Dunwell Productions. The artistes are celebrating their blessings and high achievements and seeks to inspire others with messages of encouragement “ Everyday we at it/Go get di bread/di place wi born and no forgot it.” 


The single begins with Dexta Daps dropping silk-like bars “spread your wings/nothing is impossible/believe if I can do it/ you can spread your wings/Blessing haffi flow like a river” 


The intro, salutes hard working leaders with high aspirations  and gives a stamp of approval on their quest for self actualisation. This sets the stage for Masicka who charges on to the rhythm with a punchy verse and his well-known hardcore delivery.


Since 2018, Masicka has consistently given dancehall a variety of lyrical content which includes numerous inspirational songs, such as Stay StrongGifted and They Don’t Know.  Leader enhances his catalogue of music and sharpens his recent body of work. At the same time, Dexta Daps has been pleasing fans with his rapid-fire release of singles much to the delight of his fans and the new project gives his offerings depth. 


Fans have endorsed the project as a positive project set to do well on the charts. CRG Gladstone vevo commented on the YouTube video “This is the anthem for the rest of 2019 and half of 2020”.  Another pleased fan Rayvas production wrote: “Words of inspiration blessing a flow like a river who say mad calibration”


Some fans even thought that the song is the change that dancehall music needed. ShyNikki E wrote: “We need more music like this frm y'all. This touch mi pan a different level I swear.”


Leader cuts through the clutter of the recurring topics of war and sex in the current dancehall space and uses the synergy of the artistes to deliver a powerful and delightful gem. This Collaboration was one no one knew was needed until they heard it. The song has an organic message that promotes and encourages self-confidence.