Kriz Kapital is determined to stake his claim on the dancehall scene and dominate. The fast rising deejay, whose given name is Christobal Lawrence, hails from the parish of Kingston and is known for versatile lyrics and song writing skills.


We caught up with the up and coming dancehall sensation to learn more about his journey.


1.       Why the name Kriz Kapital?

“It is a self label, I gave myself the name. It was just a hip nowadays of reminding myself how uncommon I am trying to be in the industry. Everytime I hear my name it is just a reminder to myself that I am not a commoner, Kriz Kapital: uncommon.”

2.      What are three things that make you unique?

In this specific order; number one is my refusal to put out anything mediocre, if it is even four lines, if it is mediocre, it is not going to go out from me. Second thing is how hard I go on collaborations, they force me to go harder than my own music. And number three, the type of music that has inspired me; it was never dancehall or reggae that peaked my interest, it’s music I don’t do such as Celine Dion, R Kelly and Kenny Rogers”

3.      Who is your dream collaboration with and why?

It’s hard to pick just one, because a lot of artiste out there that are impressive. But if I had to pick, I would choose Vybz Kartel, in order to pin our writing skills against each other. 

4.      What has been your favourite performance to date?

“This is an easy one, Sugar Minnott’s Memorial Day, 2016, you can go check that one out, it’s all over the internet.”

5.      What are the best and worst things about dancehall?

“The best thing about dancehall is how far we’ve ventured; you can’t really say a lot of other genres of music explores music as much as dancehall does; we find some little corners and crevices to dig in and pull all types of styles. The worst thing would be the animosity between artiste; the heavy weights never feel like they can team up and do something good it is always has to be a rivalry.”