Fyah Roiall is creating his own space in the industry with a sound his fans are calling Grimehall. 

Fyah Roiall, born Brandon Wedderburn, said he has the will to push this sub-genre — fusing rap, grime (a popular genre in the United Kingdom), hip-hop, and dancehall — to popular culture.

“Grimehall music is my own sub-genre I’m working on. The perfect blend and balance between grime music and dancehall music. It sometimes ends up sounding like boom bap hip hop though. I am still working on the sound but that’s the gist,” explains Fyah Roiall.

Fyah Roiall released his first album Underrated earlier this year and features songs produced by Teflon Zincfence, Peak Music, Covnsel, Space Age Rasta, and Grei Show and says there is still more to come shortly. “I’m currently working on visuals for my new album coming in January. It is gonna be 13, maybe 16 tracks, of fire,” said the Old Harbour artiste.

The up-and-coming artiste who describes himself as an honest, outspoken, high energy entertainer shared that he respects rappers Eminem and XXXtentacion.

Fyah Roiall only started officially releasing music in 2017 after being a contestant in the 2015 staging of talent show Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. He is involved in every level of the production of his music; from filling the seat of the engineer, being the creative director and even participating in the video-editing process.