Dancehall music has grown to remarkable levels and is now in pockets across the world. It is also steadily growing in the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, as dancehall artistes are emerging daily.

Send dem Out deejay Jahllano is one such artiste championing the Dancehall cause in a country which is known for predominantly Soca and Calypso.


The young artiste, whose real name is Llano Grant says his love for dancehall stems from the usual intricacy and depth of the lyrics.

“I love the emphasis that artistes put into lyrics, I appreciate when someone takes the time and puts together words precisely and in a very educated and intelligent manner, this is regardless of the direction of the lyrics. Dancehall artistes tend to do that,” Jahllano shared.


While some might question the viability of the genre on the island, Jahllano believes Dancehall music has a bright future and is a lucrative business.

“As of lately dancehall music is on the rise in Trinidad, I believe it comes in second place; only after soca music with popularity,” the War Dem artiste shared.


He shares that it was difficult in the past to ‘break out’ as a Trinidadian dancehall act, but that times have changed.

“Right now, dancehall artistes in Trinidad are trending so much that people are actually looking from the outside to see the talent there; as a dancehall artiste you can just record a song, put it on youtube and wait for the people to rate it, once the people rate it, promoters, deejays and producers are going to call you; I’ve seen it happen,”Jahllano said.


Jahllano says he understands concerns many may have on Trinidadians ‘copying’ unique Jamaican culture but explained he is simply ‘heavily influenced’ by Jamaica’s culture.

“As an artiste doing dancehall music, I cannot do it as if i’m doing soca; If i want to play basketball, I am not going to ask Chris Gayle, I am going to ask Lebron; you learn the game from the best players and if you want to play it well, you play it like the best people would, The best in Dancehall music are Jamaicans” he declared.


The Trinidadian shares that his dream collaboration is with Sizzla Kalonji, and says fans can expect new music and diversity from him for the remainder of 2019.