The ‘Dancehall Professor’ Orville hall is known for his specific brand of dance culture. His electrifying dance choreographies are known worldwide as he has made it his sole responsibility to take dancehall to the world. As creative as he is a dancer, he is just as creative as a director. 

“I am currently working on a restaging of From Then Till Now as we have plans to relaunch the musical. Other than that, Schampagne Popping is still showing at the Barracks Theatre in Kingston and the response from the audience has been great. It shows on Saturdays and Sundays at 8 pm. I will be having a special benefit concert on Nov 3.” Tickets for the show are available at the theatre which is located on Molynes road.

 The play tells the story of a team of call-centre agents trying to make ends meet while dealing with the stress of the job, and the temptations to go a different path that stem from it.

 Orville Hall says his goal for dancehall is for it to be taught as a part of the main curriculum for schools. he expressed that dancehall will only be truly integrated in the Jamaican society when students are taught how to play dancehall music and what root plays are. “People used to think of root plays as being derogatory... so you find that writers shy away from doing them,” he explained briefly. 

With over 19 years of history, the dance icon recalls his three most historic memories,“ well my the three most memorable historic moments for me would be starting the first dancehall dance studio in Jamaica. For me, that is a very historic moment. The second would be getting the first dancehall course accredited at Excelsior Community College and finally, writing the first dancehall musical and being nominated for 16 awards for that musical which we won 6 out of the total nomination. The production was From Then Till Now.”