On an island ruled by Soca music, Prince Swanny is leading the rising pack of alternative music in Trinidad and Tobago. The 22-year-old Dancehall artiste is gaining millions of views on YouTube with his songs that speak to issues affecting young adults in Trinidad & Tobago. With a melodic hardcore style Prince Swanny addresses important social issues such as poverty, gun violence, unity and betrayal.

Prince Swanny’s musical career sprouted from freestyling at school, to releasing mixtapes to what is now a fan base of over 55,000 YouTube subscribers. The attention that Swanny’s music videos have garnered suggests that his messages are resonating with youths across the region. His single 'Dream' has a viewership of 1.2 Million, 'Bread Winner' has 2.2 million views.


“Quick… fast…unbelievable” are the words Prince Swanny uses to describe his musical journey. Swanny says that his music is focused around community empowerment. Swanny’s musical career matured in January 2017 when he was introduced to Chris Beatz of Playah Syndicate Records by a friend. From this introduction, a musical relationship was born.

The messenger is confident that young persons who didn’t “make it in school” can use their musical talent as a way out of poverty. Swanny says that he tries to give good advice to the up and coming acts in the industry that approach him, because he believes that music is a way out of crime and violence for them.

Prince Swanny says that he is very determined to become a household name not only in the dancehall industry In Trinidad and Tobago, but also the international dancehall industry.