Still arguably new to the Dancehall Scene, twenty-four-year-old Montegonian, Matthew Smith more commonly known as Rygin King continues to be lauded for his unique sound and lyrical flow.


The 3ZN star credits his distinctive sound to what is being argued as a new branch of dancehall, “Trap Dancehall”.


Smith describes Trap Dancehall as a fusion of his favourite genres, Rap, Hip hop and Dancehall.


“Both mixed together gives us a unique melody that the world has been gravitating to” the young deejay explains.


He shares that the sound differs from the traditional format of dancehall known, loved and copied for decades and is new and rare.


“It’s unique and different in the sense that trap dancehall has a different and unusual sound. It’s a mixture of both genres so it has longer beats and a hook unlike dancehall music”


But Smith says this new branch still offers many aspects fans will appreciate; he shares that audiences worldwide embrace the new emergence.


“It’s something new and so far the feedback has been great; look at my song “Tuff” for instance, everybody using the slang “Tuff” and singing the song. That’s a perfect example of Trap Dancehall music”, the Trap King asserts.


The “Tuff” deejay firmly believes “Trap Dancehall” deserves the same respect and recognition as traditional Dancehall and while some question if the genre has lost its authenticity  with the emergence of new branches; Smith says Trap dancehall is just as hard core.


“I wouldn’t say it’s less hardcore, but it’s definitely easier to understand in the international market based on the flow of the song” Smith says.


Artistes such as U-Roy, Admiral Bailey, Shabba Ranks and King Yellow Man are credited as pioneers in Dancehall, and Rygin King credits himself as a pioneer in this arguable new branch of the genre, sharing that he is one of the first artistes to be recognised for championing the genre.


Dancehall artistes such as Baker Steez, Unknown Gringo, Teejay, Teetimus and Ace Gawd are also names synonymous with Trap Dancehall.


For 2019, more trap infused dancehall can be expected from Rygin King as he is set to release more trap influenced music.


“I’m currently working on some new trap music for the fans because I have to keep them happy”, Rygin King expresses.