Every now and then, a catchy slang makes its way into the Jamaican vernacular and spreads like wildfire. Often, some of these slangs reign for years, while others die a quick and fiery death. 

The fierce churning of what is “current,” requires diligence and active participation in dancehall culture to be knowledgeable of the appropriate slang. If not, one could be left feeling like a stranger in one’s own country.

There is no need for worry, here are the top Summer slangs ‘fi duh road’:

Bro Bro

The phrase refers to friends who are “brothers for life.” The slang gained traction after Ding Dong released a song this year titled Bro Bro

Bro Gad

This slang is very similar in meaning to “bro bro”. It is has been popularized by fast-rising dancehall act Daddy 1.

Can I Get A Wow?!

This slang took roots after internet sensation Candy Baddy starting using it as her catch-phrase. “Can I Get A Wow?!...” the phrase is basically someone asking for a cheer or approval. 

Place Hot B!

“Place Hot B!” was a slang that was born on Twitter. As Jamaicans experienced one of their hottest summers, persons took to social media to express their thoughts about the above normal temperature. Not before long, the slang, “Place Hot B!” was used to refer to more than the intensity of the summer’s heat in addition to current affairs happenings across the island. The slang became a popular hashtag and was even used by Prime Minister Hon. Andrew Holness.