Jamaica is a hotspot for excitement and entertainment year round, but to heighten the fun, music lovers want that summer bop. The top song that rides the airwaves from February to August  and is a must have for any DJ’s catalogue is crowned the the Summer anthem. 

Popular events from April to August are the testing ground for those songs. It is a song that gets the most “forward” ( accolade, request for replays, outbursts or unusual celebration) it goes viral on social platforms and usually propels the singer’s popularity into another stratosphere. 

Here is a list of the top 5 summer anthems since 2010:

1.     Holiday by Ding Dong which, released in 2010

2.     Summer time by Vybz Kartel, released in 2011

3.     Unruly Rave by Popcaan, released in 2011

4.     Fever by Vybz Kartel, release in 2016

5.     Yeah, Yeah by Aidonia, released in 2017

Other notable mentions:

1.     Let’s Go by Beenie man, released 2012

2.     Bruk Off Yuh Back by Konshens, released in 2016