International Artistes such as Future, Gucci Mane, Wacka Flocka Flame, Cardi B, and the group Migos have taken the sub-genre of hip-hop called “Trap Music” to a global scale.


Coined from rapper T.I’s 2003 album "Trap Muzik"; the percussion-based genre which emerged in the early 2000s in Southern United States is defined by its ominous, bleak and gritty lyrical content now has a major audience worldwide.


Jamaica’s roots are firmly grounded in Hip-Hop (Trap music’s influence and umbrella genre), with Hip Hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc being a Jamaican immigrant; it therefore comes as no surprise that “Trap” has spread to the island.


The sub-genre has however taken on a new and improved fusion, intertwined with Dancehall, and is being dubbed by some as Trap Dancehall.


But while the genre spreads, there are some who differentiate this new movement in dancehall from Trap music.


Popular Disc Jockey, Nichalos “DJ Nicco” Rasinski says Trap Dancehall or  is not a new genre but this generation’s way of expressing itself by fusing Hip-hop and Dancehall.


“You’ll have a hip hop beat or a dancehall beat that sounds like hip hop, and a hip hop beat that sounds like dance hall; they just put themselves and their feelings on the record the way in which they feel it will sound good to their peers” Nicco explains.


He believes the genre appeals to the younger generation of listeners and event goers as they can directly relate to the artistes and producers.

“You ask a millennial what he thinks of a Sly and Robbie as opposed to what him think about the beat that him bredrin next door just build, you’ll hear two completely conflicting answers. Nobody in this generation wants to try and copy what the older generations have been doing they want to create their own thing” he shares.


Rasinski also highlights that a component of the “Trap dancehall” sub-genre, is that artistes also shy away from using well known producers, who have made a name for themselves over the last decades, instead preferring friends and home studios.

“It’s basically you and your friends making music and it’s music you and your friends, your peers and people within your demographic like” the disc jockey says.


This new format of dancehall music is undeniably infectious and some of the hottest acts are delving into its depths.

These acts include Rygin King, Baker Steez, Unknown Gringo, Teetimus and Ace Gawd among many others, and are breathing new life into the genre with uncompromising lyrics and modern deejaying style.

Check out BAKERSTEEZ in his video below