As events go, the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus (the UWI) Ring Road and Band Festival are two of the most anticipated events.

The penultimate parades of the UWI Carnival, held in March, had patrons gyrating following the trucks blaring music around Ring Road on the Mona Campus.

But while carnival and soca music are basically synonymous, the patrons of UWI Carnival enjoyed another blood-pumping genre — dancehall.

Dancehall and soca have been pitted against each other, but on The UWI Ring Road, this was not the reality. The trucks blared both dancehall and soca and patrons had no problems moving between trucks to hear their favourite songs.

Patrons clad in their fashionable and skimpiest of outfits armed with their hydrating fluid and absorbent towels fetted in the scorching sun to the selections from sounds from DJ Kurt Riley, Richie Ras, DJ Kamal Bankey, DJ Tyler, and other select DJs.

While some trucks focused heavily on dancehall, like the truck sponsored by Wray Rum, it seemed dancehall was played at every truck throughout the fete. The music matched the energy of the crowd and palancers had no issues switching between whining and doing ‘The Flairy’, ‘Gas’ and ‘Fling Yuh Shoulder’ and enjoying every minute of it. 

Dancehall definitely makes its mark at The UWI Carnival.